Friday, 10 July 2015

Music you should know: my summer playlist

I don't like how video's on a Blogger blog look. They're shown so small and kind of ruin my lay-out. So what, I'm sharing a fragment of my playlist for this summer anyway, because the actual music is the most important after all. 

This hit Our Darkness from 1984 by the British avant garde singer Anne Clark is perfect to let yourself loose for a moment while being home alone. But of course, being home alone isn't necessary, you can also show your moves while on a family diner if you prefer... or in the car while waiting in front of a red traffic light with an old man staring his eyes out in the car next to you. 

Usually, I emmerse myself in music from about twenty to thirty years ago, but lately there's this song which has cought my attention and adoration. I'm talking about Charlie Winston's Lately, dated from 2014. You'll love to whistle along with the intro! 

Die Antwoord is probably thé wrongest band on earth. Well... that is what actually makes them so fantastic. Crazy dances on crazy music is a must during the summer  your whole intire life. Let the voice of Yo-Landi Vi$$er and Ninja put you in a trance and enjoy the summer months